Give your customers the EV experience they deserve.

Leading clients offering ZappyRide powered platforms to their customers:

Promote EVs at every step of the customer journey.


What is an electric car?


Which electric cars are right for me?

Test Drive

Where can I test drive the model I like?


Where can I find a good EV dealer?

Drive & Charge

How do I get the most out of my EV?

Increase awareness & engagement

Create high-quality EV customer journeys, at scale -- for individuals and fleets

  • End-to-end consumer engagement strategy
  • Data-driven consumer targeting
  • Incentive strategy & administration
  • Metrics & performance tracking
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Visitors to ZappyRide-powered platforms, and counting.

Convert with integrated software

Provide your customers world-class experiences to increase EV adoption.

Research electric vehicles

Customers can browse, select and compare electric cars models that fit their needs and budget

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Discover Incentives

Customers can explore available incentives based on their location, and estimate potential cost savings

See client examples: #1 #2

Find Home Chargers

Customers can find and evaluate the best home charging equipment based on their needs.

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Compare Emissions

Customers can compare if an EV is cleaner that a gas car, based on geographical location.

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Locate Dealers

Customers can find dealers that are knowledgeable about electric cars and consult reviews

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Shopping Assistant

Customers can use our shopping assistant tool to help find an EV that is right for them.

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Inform with data and analytics

Need EV or incentive data?
We have you covered.

  • APIs for augmented customer experience on your sites
  • Data for strategic planning
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Electric Vehicles API

Price, range, reviews, sales, TCO, availability...

Incentives API

For vehicles, EVSEs, electricity discounts, perks...


Price, specs, charging speed...

EV Dealers API

Certifications, customer reviews, contact information...

Electricians API

Location, contact information, manufacturer network membership...

Fuel Cost API

Electricity and gasoline cost, by state, utility, over time...

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Help customers overcome obstacles in switching from gas cars to electric cars.

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